Androgenetic Alopecia From A to Z

Vol.3 Hair Restoration Surgery, Alternative Treatments and Hair Care

46 Chapters, 1607 Images& Illustrations, 108 Tables & Graphs
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This third of three related volumes is structured in 3 sections and over 46 chapters covering every aspect of Hair Restoration Surgery (HRS), alternative and future treatments for AGA/FPHL, as well as hair loss concealment and hair care. The reader will find dedicated chapters on everything concerning HRS: from the first HRS techniques that have cosmetically stigmatized countless patients and defamed the field, to an in-depth coverage of all modern HRS techniques endorsing a “cosmetic revolution” reaching results totally indistinguishable from normal hair, how to distinctly treat each balding area (hairline, midscalp, crown, etc.) on males and female patients, recommendations on how to build a successful HRS practice, how to treat complications and repair substandard results. Chapters include hundreds of original full color cases, figures, tables and unique, valuable surgical tips from a highly experienced author.

Probably for the first time in a medical book, alternative and future potential treatments and their specific effects on AGA/FPHL are thoroughly reviewed in dedicated chapters, including: Low Level Laser Therapy, Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Hair Follicle Cloning and Neofolliculogenesis, Platelet Rich Plasma, Scalp Microneedling and latest findings on Exosomes. Facts on whether and to what extent these approaches are applicable and safe in treating AGA/FPHL are validated by hundreds of fully updated and balanced literature citations.

In the last part, all hair loss concealing, and hair care strategies are presented. This aspect of AGA/FPHL management can truly change the life of the balding individual and has been largely neglected in the literature. All types of cover-up products that can “camouflage” baldness are reviewed in detail. An elaborate chapter on hair prosthesis and wigs includes every manufacturing detail and how modern, sophisticated wigs can be unnoticeable and allow patients with extensive AGA to have a natural appearance and an unrestricted life. Meanwhile, the psychological entrapment of hair prosthesis, social awkwardness, hidden costs, and the “tricks of the trade” of the wig industry are assessed. Finally, details on hair hygiene and care and how they can drastically affect hair loss are offered in a separate chapter. Handy, thorough and practical, Androgenetic Alopecia.

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Androgenetic Alopecia From A to Z

The ultimate reference tool for the understanding and treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia

Vol.1 Basic Science, Diagnosis, Etiology, and Related Disorders
Vol.2 Drugs, Herbs, Nutrition and Supplements
Vol.3 Hair Restoration Surgery, Alternative Treatments and Hair Care
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