Androgenetic Alopecia From A to Z

Vol.2 Drugs, Herbs, Nutrition and Supplements

61 Chapters, 56 Images& Illustrations, 19 Tables & Graphs

Dr. Anastassakis presents Androgenetic Alopecia From A to Z​ - Volume 2

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This second of three related volumes is structured in 4 sections: 63 dedicated chapters covering every aspect of medical (non-surgical, non-invasive) and nutritional treatment options and clinical effects. FDA-approved drugs, frequently prescribed “off-label” or experimental drugs, hormones, cosmeceuticals, and popular fraudulent products are all presented in 26 chapters, with figures, tables, algorithms, and thousands of fully updated and balanced literature citations.

Probably for the first time in a medical book, lifestyle and nutritional factors specifically affecting AGA/FPHL are thoroughly reviewed, including excessive caloric intake, high-fat diets, caloric deprivation, alcohol abuse, and smoking. Also, the intricate effects of nutrition on hair loss, one of the most neglected and misunderstood fields in Dermatology, are presented with a plethora of clinically valuable information: why food supplements are so popular, the regulatory minefield of supplements, and the life-threatening perils of nutritional supplementation, are all reviewed extensively. Each vitamin, major mineral, and trace element implicated in follicular physiology is reviewed in altogether 24 dedicated chapters according to their specific effects on the hair follicle, food sources, dietary recommendations, and the impact of deficiency or excess.

This volume includes a comprehensive chapter on the understanding of Complementary-Alternative Medicine (CAM). CAM is an umbrella term for methods that lie outside evidence-based medicine and a part of a societal trend towards the rejection of science as a method of determining facts. The pitfalls and challenges in understanding botanicals with reported hair growth properties, from publication bias to lack of standardization, as well as their unpredictable pharmacological and physiological effects, are all explained in detail. Finally, all popular botanical products reported to possess hair growth properties are appraised in 14 dedicated chapters, each including a detailed review of the general effects, the suggested biochemical mechanisms, claimed actions on the hair follicle, all available studies, and hundreds of literature citations.

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Androgenetic Alopecia From A to Z

The ultimate reference tool for the understanding and treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia

Vol.1 Basic Science, Diagnosis, Etiology, and Related Disorders
Vol.2 Drugs, Herbs, Nutrition and Supplements
Vol.3 Hair Restoration Surgery, Alternative Treatments and Hair Care
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